England, 1673. 
Still a world of witches, witchfinders and witch trials?

Rose Driver’s mother, brother and grandmother were all put to death by the fanatical witchfinder, John Sharpe.

Almost quarter of a century after the Newcastle witch trials, Sharpe is no longer a threat and Rose should be safe in her quiet village. But is history about to repeat itself?

Find out in Solstice, the third of three historical novels about real witch trials in the north east of England.

When a new vicar arrives to take over the parish of Mutton Clog, the village finds itself in the grip of Puritan fever, and suspicious eyes are turned on Rose. But this time, the witch hunter is not a man…

Inspired by the curious Riding Mill witch trials of 1673, where a young girl accused thirteen local men and women of witchcraft.

If you like historical novels about real witches, witchfinders and witch trials, you’ll love Solstice, the third book in The Widdershins Trilogy. Recommended for fans of The Familiars, Tidelands and The Witch of Tin Mountain.

Solstice will be available in ebook and print. If you're a Kindle reader, you can pre-order it now.